Started in 2009, Herbaland saw a gap in the gummy vitamin market and jumped in with unique gummy recipes and innovative eco-forming technology. Now, we proudly produce some of the world's cleanest and tastiest gummies which can be enjoyed by every member of the family

Sustainability - It’s simple: a happy planet means happy people. We do our best to give back to the planet that gives so much to us. This means finding zero-waste packaging solutions, choosing energy
efficient production and acquiring ethically sourced ingredients.

Inclusivity - Why create a great product that not everyone can enjoy? This is why we always provide gummies that are vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, palm oil derivative-free, nut-free, halal, and kosher - the list goes on! A part of being an inclusive company is having mindful pricing. We ensure our products are accessible to all regardless of household income, dietary restrictions, or religious preferences



Herbaland’s mission is to make fun and functional nutritional products that have
positive impact on both people and our planet. We believe we can continually
achieve this through our core values of
Community, Inclusivity, and Sustainability.




Our secret to the most delicious and nutritious gummies is the quality of our ingredients! We are dedicated to finding the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients in the world. Whenever possible, we opt for fair trade and organically-farmed ingredients.



We use an innovative, proprietary Eco-Forming process to deposit our gummies into steel molds. This creates the cleanest, highest quality gummies in the world - all while also minimizing our impact on the environment! Our gummies are good for you and better for the planet!