Cider Vin


A convenient capsule form of apple cider vinegar, with all the benefits! Take regularly for aid in digestion, weight and blood sugar management.


Enhance Your Routine

  • An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health
  • Helps the body metabolize fats and proteins
  • Increases digestive efficiency
  • Has blood sugar-lowering effects
  • Alternative to liquid apple cider vinegar


Sourced from fermented apples, natural apple cider vinegar is widely used by many to aid in the overall digestion process. This works by helping to increase stomach acid, required to break down complex peptides and assisting in digestive efficiency. This allows apple cider vinegar to help eliminate symptoms of bloating, flatulence and nausea.

As a natural source of Vitamin C, apple cider vinegar supports the maintenance of good health. Vitamin C can help regulate connective tissue formation, improving collagen synthesis in the body for the maintenance of healthy gums, teeth, cartilage and skin. Vitamin C is also a fantastic antioxidant and an important nutrient for processing stressors.

Apple cider vinegar is known to increase metabolism associated with fat and protein breakdown, helping you to obtain your optimal weight. It also increases a sense of fullness, causing one to ingest fewer calories throughout the day. Use it as a part of your weight management plan.



  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (Fruit (Malus domestica)) 530 mg
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 6 mg


  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Gelatin (Capsule)

How to Use


Take 1 capsule three times per day with meals and a glass of water.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • FAQ

    Q: Why do I need to increase my stomach acid?
    A: Many people secrete too little stomach acid. This may be situational (like eating when rushed or stressed) or chronic (often connected to long-term stress or dehydration). As apple cider vinegar naturally contains acetic acid, it can introduce more acid into the stomach, aiding in the digestion of proteins, minerals and vitamin B12 specifically, as well as turning on the whole digestive cascade to promote assimilation further down the digestive tract. Our stomach and its acids are also an effective barrier against several types of pathogenic bacteria and parasites and acts as an antimicrobial agent.

    Q: Will taking apple cider vinegar help with my acid reflux? Doesn’t reflux mean I have too much stomach acid?
    A: For many people, acid reflux may actually be a result of too little stomach acid. When there is not enough acid, it can splash around more and come up into the esophagus. The esophageal sphincter, which usually keeps the acid in the stomach, sits nice and tight when there is ample stomach acid. Increasing your acid can decrease your reflux and heartburn.

    Q: Is taking apple cider vinegar a new trend?
    A: Nope. The use of apple cider vinegar dates back to the ancient Greeks. They used it for treating wounds, amongst other uses. The mainstream trends are just rediscovering all the great benefits now!

    Q: Is Organika’s Cider Vin capsules the same as taking liquid apple cider vinegar?
    A: Organika’s Cider Vin is produced from the juice of apples that has been converted to vinegar through the use of modern fermentation methods. These methods ensure that a consistent, high-quality vinegar is produced. Cider Vin offers you all the benefits of vinegar from naturally-fermented apples without the strong taste. One capsule of Cider Vin is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of the liquid form.

    Q: What if I feel some heat or discomfort when I take apple cider vinegar?
    A: For most people, you won’t feel anything when you take apple cider vinegar, either in liquid or capsule form. If, though, you do feel some discomfort, you may have some form of ulceration in your stomach or other region of your digestive tract. Try taking apple cider vinegar with food to see if that’s all it takes. You’ll also need to do some digestive healing, using gut-healing foods such as Organika’s Bone Broth or Collagen Powders. Please consult your healthcare provider to ensure proper healing. And of course, like all non-prescribed supplements, stop taking them if they cause you any pain or discomfort.